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EYFS at Charlton Wood

At Charlton Wood we believe that effective EYFS provision relies on:

  • an ambitious planned curriculum which is sequenced to help children to build conceptual understanding over time and transition easily into KS1.
  • effective pedagogy involving a blend of different approaches. Children learn through play; by adults modelling; by observing each other as well as through guided learning and direct instruction - in the later stages of development in EYFS pupils need more guided learning to reach GLD.
  • formative and summative assessment which has been used effectively to shape the structure of the learning journey so that all children achieve and succeed.
  • well planned provision within a high-quality enabling environment that is matched to the needs of the children.
  • effective adults who use their knowledge and understanding of child development and the individual needs of the children in their class to engage, challenge and support children in their learning.

Curriculum in EYFS

Our curriculum is everything we teach inside and outside of the classroom. It sets out the learning journey all of our pupils will embark on form the moment they join us.

Our curriculum is demanding and ambitious; we know this because in the Early Years it has been developed in-line with the EYFS Framework, is broken down using Development Matters seamlessly connects to the knowledge and skills pupils progress to in KS1 and KS2.

Pupils cover all of the Prime and Specific areas of learning through the curriculum offer and engage in a careful blend of whole class, group and individual learning opportunities in line with our whole school teaching and learning approach - 'Teaching for Mastery through explicit instruction'.

Take a look at what we learn across the year and how below.

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