Endeavour Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and is registered in England and Wales. Company number: 08245853.

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Within the MAT, each school has its own 'Local Governing Body' (LGB) with usually between 6 and 9 Governors, but can be up to 12. These bodies have responsibilities delegated to them by the MAT - this is formalised in a Scheme of Delegation.

The members of each school's LGB are proposed by the Headteacher and Chair of LGB and are then approved by the Board. Most LGB Governors are co-opted based on a skills analysis together with at least two elected parents and at least one elected staff governor. Each LGB elects its own Chair and Vice-Chair from within its membership. The appointment is ratified by the Trust Board. Governors have a four year term of office and may be appointed or re-elected. The CEO is considered an ex-officio member of each LGB.

 Our chair is Helen Robinson. For all enquiries please contact the school office.


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