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School lunches

TiLA (Trust in Learning Academies) operates the kitchens within its schools. Our team plan the school lunch options for each term ensuring that they are nutritious, tasty and provide a balanced and healthy diet with a varied choice.  Reception, Y1 and Y2 pupils are entitled to this meal free of charge, as well as a fruit snack in the morning and milk for all 4 year-olds.

We ask that all parents pre-order meals online via MCAS. (My Child at School app)

Allergies, Intolerance and Texture Modified Diet

TiLA, believes in treating all pupils equally whatever their diet, catering for all pupils with allergies, intolerances and special dietary requirements, so they can to enjoy suitable school meals with their friends.

If a child has an allergy or intolerance, or requires a texture modified diet, the parent/guardian is able to request an 'Allergies, Intolerance and Texture Modified Diet Referral Form' from their school front office or can be downloaded below. This form must be supported by appropriate medical referral from a regulated healthcare professional and returned to the TiLA Central Catering Team, via the school front office.

For safety, a pupil will not be provided with a school meal until the parent/guardian and the school kitchen have received the relevant information from the TiLA Central Catering Team. This can take up to 4 weeks for creating bespoke menus.

Please note : TiLA,  do not require a form for religious/cultural preferences, these can be catered for by the school; please speak to the school front office.

Our Allergies and Intolerances process does not cater for likes and dislikes.