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Prevent bullying

At Charlton Wood Primary, we do all that we can to ensure that children are free from bullying in all its forms. Children are taught about bullying during PSHE lessons throughout the year, during our Anti-Bullying week ands through whole school assemblies.

At Charlton Wood Primary Academy the following definition of bullying has been agreed by staff, parents and pupils:

  • Bullying is the use of aggression or coercion with the intention of hurting another person
  • Bullying is the repeated use of these things, causing distress and anxiety to the victim. It can hurt 'on the inside as well as on the outside'.
  • Bullying is unkindness which you don't like and which hurts you. It is continuous and may carry on even after an adult has intervened.

At Charlton Wood Primary we pledge to:

It can be:

Physical – hitting, kicking, spitting, tripping someone up, or stealing/damaging someone’s belongings.

Verbal – name-calling, insulting a person’s family, threats of physical violence, spreading rumours, or constantly putting a person down.

Emotional/psychological – excluding someone from a group, humiliation or creating a feeling of danger.

Racist – insulting language/gestures based on a person’s actual or perceived ethnic origin or faith, name-calling, graffiti, or racially motivated violence.

Sexual – sexually insulting language/gestures, name-calling, graffiti, and unwanted physical contact.

Homophobic/ Transphobic – insulting language/gestures based on a person’s actual or perceived sexuality, name-calling, graffiti, or homophobic/ transphobic violence.

Electronic – bullying by text message, bullying on the internet (in chat rooms, on bulletin boards and through instant messaging services), or hate websites.

Bullying is the abuse of power by one person or a group over another. All of the types of behaviour listed above are unacceptable and will not be tolerated at this school.

If you or your child are concerned about potential bullying please see the class teacher in the first instance as they are the leader of the classroom. If you feel your concerns are not resolved please contact Miss West who is the named contact for bullying who will investigate this in line with the school policy. 

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